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  1. Yes, no SL is worthwhile provided you can wait until the market turns in your favor. The big firms simply write off the loss and continue. The lot size must be small enough so you don't get a margin call. With this method you can get a 100% win rate, other factors that determine profit are number of trades and profit/trade. I've algos with a 100% win rate, but the account must be able to handle a drawdown of say 50%. Any drawdown is acceptable if it leads to profit.

  2. @tradernick Would you mind clarifying if you opened this trade on Friday prior to market close and held through the weekend and closed the trade on Monday, Oct 14? It seems your entries were on 10/11 and closed on 10/14, but it wasn’t clear in the video. Thanks!

  3. Nick great content again, you are giving us very good information.
    Ive started to watch you videos getting those ideas and implement then to my strategy and must say that my account is growing very good.. thnx man.. and the indicator is still on fire!!!


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