A reminder to anyone fearful that TXNs require 200 sat/b to get confirmed, here are some low fee-bands that were recently cleared.

Recent MemPool clearings:

  • May 23, 15:55 UTC – All TXNs above 6 sat/b were cleared
  • May 18, 07:45 UTC – All TXNs above 3 sat/b were cleared
  • May 12, 12:59 UTC – All TXNs above 2 sat/b were cleared

Most below market fee TXNs will wait two weeks to get confirmed before giving up. So if you put a TXN into the mempool for 2 sat/b on May 11th, it would have cleared on May 12th. If you put a 3 sat/b TXN in the mempool on May 13th, it would have cleared on May 18th. And if you would have put a 6 sat/b TXN in the mempool on May 19th, it would have cleared by May 23rd.


LPT: If you click the fee-band legend numbers on the left, it will exclude fees below that band from the chart.

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