Forex trading tips for beginners who are just starting out in forex trading. These forex tips are given to you only after i’ve learned it the hard way. A lot of forex …



  1. Thank you Karen for the Tips!

    Summary of Forex Trading Tips:

    1. The best opportunity is found during crisis

    2. We need to know the market trend and pattern

    3. Manage our risk (Market and event risk) and profit will take care of itself

    4. Learn to identity false breakout

    5. Choose the right broker with a execution speed

    6.Change our habit, lifestyle and mindset to be like professional trader

    -Professional Trader focus on risk management. The more we lose, the more effort we need to break-even

    7.Common mistake: Trade too much and often

    8. If all you focus is on the profit, your risk will not take care of itself.

    9. Avoid trading 2-3 hours before the high impact event and 1.5-2 hour after the high impact event.

    10.Important of having confidence in your trading plan.

    11. Make sure to get a side hustle while you have 9-5 job.

    12. Forex is not a quick rich scheme. It is a business. If you put in patience and discipline, you can make it work for you.

    13. Set and Forget. If we follow our plan, there is only two outcome (Lose $ or Profit) instead of consistently monitoring.

    14. If you trading forex for money, go do something else.

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