Hey Traders, On this channel you will learn Price Action Trading. This video contains the Live Trading using Price Action Strategy. Please hit the Subscribe …



  1. Clear dikh raha hai 2 point pe resistance face kar raha hai.3 point pe sell dekhna tha sir.
    But i know mistake ho hi jata hai.
    Pc pe baith kar intejar karna bahut hedek ho jata hai

  2. bhai sach bolna kasam kha ke, ye aapne jaan buch ke kiya na??? taki logon ko risk management ka path padha sako…

    kyuki bhai according to price action. Long entry kisi halat main nahi banti thi…

  3. Real traders only can show their Loss and teaching us where the mistake happened on that trade.. we could learn something from that.. Win like a man, loss like a man..you are trying pass the +ve energy and confidence to us…👍👍🙏🙏

  4. Nobody is willing to share their losses.
    There are very few who accept it. You are one of them.
    People fear to accept that they or their analysis went wrong. It's part of the game.
    If you don't fail, you don't learn.
    It's really good that you are keeping it simple by using PA and not any indicator.
    Keep it up. Good luck.

  5. sir.. i am new in market..
    i watch ur videos daily and gaining some knowledge day by day.. but
    the thing is i watch the market but not able to take trade.. maybe due to fear of lose…

    thats why sir i want to learn and know about the analysis.. so that i can gain more confidence in the market.

    any suggestion sir what should i do as a beginner ?
    or any suggetion which method is suitable for a beginner.. i will start learning those stratergies.

  6. Amazing video man! Thanks for doing a great job on explaining the details. I create similar content on investing/trading and would like to get to your numbers soon! Thanks for the inspiration 🙏🏻😃✅

  7. Sir… You have become my guru.. I really appreciate your work… Your knowledge is making me learn lot of things on daily basis… I can forget anything but not your videos daily…. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge…

  8. Brother posting your losses needs lot of guts & you have got that for sure👌👍
    Thanks a lot for your daily videos, it is really helping us all to understand real live price action🙂🙏👍

  9. Sir u r my great intraday teacher… But in this video ap nai target ku nahi liya…. Kuke ab jata tar time target phele suchte hoon or stop-loss Baat Mai late hoon…. Sorry sir… But ai samaj nahi aymya

  10. Sir i thought today video will be like regular one…
    But today's video gave me strength not to fear with loss
    & Like always loss should be our pocket size…🙂
    Win like a man lose like a man🔥🔥

  11. Sir, I am your follower from 1 year. And aj me chota sa trader hu. Last month kisi acche investor ne mujhe 1 book suggest ki jo me read kar chuka hu. I swear sir aapne jo hamari psychology build kar rahe ho vo us book me h sir. Reeeeealy sir you are my lifetime mentor .

  12. I did the same strategy in Bharti airtel and booked my loss of 2400 /-, really its hell while market goes beyond your limits, bro from your support i totally changed my mind from stopping the trading. Thanks a lot..

    Life me looser ka swad bhi chakna chaiye tabi to age badhte hai hats off…

  13. Most important thing you are earning money from market and 80% time your are right but still or not even day your risk reward not matching with your losses. You great player.

  14. loss is not a problem its just a part of game, u win some u loose some, the loss should be less and profit should be high, just one thing i want to mentioned here u are deviating from the basic rule of trade, sell high and buy low, now u are buying at high anticipating anotherr high, howevver u are an experrt trader and knows what u r doing, best of luck for next trade

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