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  1. When I first started with the eap program (around 6months ago) I didn't had any clue what's forex all about, I'm about to enter my 2nd profitable month of demo, while that's just a demo account it's still a huge thing for me and I just wanted to thank you boss and the whole TTC team for making that possible, eap is really beginner friendly I would advise it to anyone. one of the best decision I made, thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Good tutorial! I must be missing something though – when you click on a pair, ie EURCAD, it shows “” for the broker.. Say I’ve connected my Oanda account, how do I switch that to show Oanda’s server data and be able to trade it? I’m showing USDCAD as the only symbol in my list of pairs that I can trade.

  3. Did great job with explaining except you left some things out like how to use and what is the units calculator next to under the quantity section also under order info did not explain what is the trade value

  4. I was referred to this platform by a friend online and i thought is a scam company,but i was moved to try and here i earned…just want to share this testimony on here

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